Conferences, latest papers, and more news

16 November 2017: Nicolas is giving a seminar on the 17th at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

5 November 2017: Anaïs is going to the NewtonFund UK-India workshop24 October 2017: Latest Chemical Communications available online on the”controlled fabrication of osmium nanocrystals by electron, laser and microwave irradiation and characterisation by microfocus X-ray absorption spectroscopy“.

18 September 2017: Maria will do her fourth year research project in the group. Welcome!

6 September 2017: Anaïs has been awarded a place on the NewtonFund UK-India workshop on peptides, proteins & metals in disease and therapy at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

1 September 2017: Article just accepted in Dalton Transactions. More details soon!

30th May 2017: We welcome Maria, 3rd year MChem student, who will carry a research project on the synthesis of new ligands in the group during the summer.

22nd May 2017: We welcome Killian, 4th year MSc student from Sigma Clermont (France), who will do his internship in the group.

15th May 2017: Nicolas and Amie are on their way to the boot camp for the ICURe programme.

10th April 2017: Nicolas is presenting the latest research of the group at the ISACS Inorganic Chemistry conference organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

3rd April 2017: We welcome Amie Saidykhan, new PDRA in the group.

6th March 2017: We welcome Anaïs Pitto-Barry who will work as a PDRA in the group.