Molecular Music: The Sound of Chemistry

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Welcome to our exhibit:

Molecular Music: The Sound of Chemistry

A collaboration between Ilkley Grammar School (Dr Neil Garrido) and the University of Bradford (Drs William Martin and Nicolas Barry), funded by a Royal Society Partnership Grant.



The “Molecular Music: The Sound of Chemistry” exhibit at the Royal Summer Science Exhibition 2019 is an interactive experience highlighting the relationships between art and science. Our exhibit illustrates the vibration of atoms in molecules, how we can measure these vibrations and convert them in the audible range, and finally the creative process of designing musical tunes for molecules.

We have designed three hands-on activities at our stand for you to explore:


Have a go at the physical process behing infrared spectroscopy





“Play” the peaks on the infrared spectrum





Create some music in our studio




We asked the Canadian artist and ballet dance teacher Dominique Girard to offer us her interpretation of the chemical reaction aniline to 4-bromoaniline:

(Dr Alexandru Lupan: computed animation; Choreography by and with Dominique Girard, Camera: Marc Edgar)

Practical information

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

1-7 July 2019

6-9 Carlton House Terrace, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5AG, UK



Opening times:

Monday 1 July                                                                          11am – 6pm
Tuesday 2 July                                                                         10am – 4pm
Summer Science Exhibition Lates (adults only)      6pm – 10pm
Wednesday 3 July                                                                  10am – 4:30pm
Thursday 4 July                                                                      10am – 4:30pm
Friday 5 July                                                                             10am – 6pm
Saturday 6 July                                                                       10am – 6pm
Sunday 7 July                                                                          10am – 6pm

More information on accessibility available on the Royal Society website.

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