Welcome! and Congratulations

4 September 2018: Delighted to welcome Maria in the group; this time as a PhD student! Things are getting serious and exciting.


With a bit of delay (Aug 3, 2018), also very happy to welcome Joan, arriving fresh from Bochum to work with us on an Academy of Medical Sciences funded project.


And since we are catching up on the news section, congrats to Nicolas on meeting the requirements for Fellowship of The Higher Education Academy. Next in line is Anaïs (expected 2019). Good luck to her!

Conference and Graduation

23 July 2018: The Barry group has shared their recent work at the ICOMC conference in Florence (Italy). Nicolas presented our work on the nanocrystallisation while Anaïs focused on the biological properties of our 16-electron complexes.

In the mean time, Maria has graduated with a MChem degree with distinction. Maria also won the prize for the best MChem. Congratulations!

Chemistry degree at Bradford

6 July 2018: The School of Chemistry now provides a unique Master’s education in Materials Chemistry, offering the opportunity to carry out a 12-month research project from a selection that covers all aspects of Materials Chemistry. We also deliver a research-focused degree in Analytical Sciences MSc. Respective information can be found here: and there

Outreach, Award, and Conference

22 February 2018: Anaïs, William, and Nicolas welcome students from Ilkley Grammar School to perform some NMR and IR analyses on compounds they have synthesised. This is their second visit to the University of Bradford as part of our Royal Society Partnership Grant. More info on the Partnership Grant here.

8 February 2018: Nicolas has been awarded a grant by The Academy of Medical Sciences for this year’s Springboard Round. The work will aim at understanding the anti-cancer properties of electron-deficient metal complexes.

12 January 2018: The @RoySocChem Biomaterials special interest group annual meeting has just started in Bradford. Excellent line up of speakers, including:

Prof. Rein Ulijn, City University of New York

Prof. Mark Bradley, University of Edinborough

Prof. Andrew P. Dove, University of Birmingham

More info here.

Conferences, latest papers, and more news

16 November 2017: Nicolas is giving a seminar on the 17th at the National University of Ireland in Galway.

5 November 2017: Anaïs is going to the NewtonFund UK-India workshop24 October 2017: Latest Chemical Communications available online on the”controlled fabrication of osmium nanocrystals by electron, laser and microwave irradiation and characterisation by microfocus X-ray absorption spectroscopy“.

18 September 2017: Maria will do her fourth year research project in the group. Welcome!

6 September 2017: Anaïs has been awarded a place on the NewtonFund UK-India workshop on peptides, proteins & metals in disease and therapy at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

1 September 2017: Article just accepted in Dalton Transactions. More details soon!

30th May 2017: We welcome Maria, 3rd year MChem student, who will carry a research project on the synthesis of new ligands in the group during the summer.

22nd May 2017: We welcome Killian, 4th year MSc student from Sigma Clermont (France), who will do his internship in the group.

15th May 2017: Nicolas and Amie are on their way to the boot camp for the ICURe programme.

10th April 2017: Nicolas is presenting the latest research of the group at the ISACS Inorganic Chemistry conference organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

3rd April 2017: We welcome Amie Saidykhan, new PDRA in the group.

6th March 2017: We welcome Anaïs Pitto-Barry who will work as a PDRA in the group.